Parachute Hardware, Bayonet Assemblies, Bayonet Assembly, Metal Fabrication

Die-Matic Products LLC

Oxygen-Mask Bayonet Assemblies, Bayonet Assembly
Bayonet Assemblies supplied to the U.S. Government, helmet and mask manufacturers. The latest design is the Combat Edge Bayonet Assembly...
Parachute Hardware
A complete line of stamped parachute hardware used in personnel parachutes, deceleration chutes, cargo chutes, pack and harness assemblies.
Production Metal Stamping
Precision metal stamping of steel, brass, aluminum, copper and more, for military, medical and appliance industries. Capacity up to 150 tons.

Die-Matic Products LLC is a prime and sub-contractor on virtually all stamped parachute hardware, harness and pack components, both cargo and personnel parachutes. We also manufacture a line of pilot springs for both military and sport chutes, along with various deceleration springs. We have the capability of supplying pre-production, and experimental components for R&D.

We produce stamped components and assemblies for various commercial industries, including construction, heating and air conditioning, material handling. We fabricate steel, aluminum, brass and titanium in all their various alloys and tempers.